Quality Policy

The Plan involves the determination of specification compliance for all activities and comprises the following
1. Offsite quantity assurance of suppliers , goods
2. On-site inspection
3. Onsite Testing
4. Monitoring goods inward for acceptability
5. Monitoring of on-site storage ,protection ,transportation and installation
6. Rejected Goods
7. Documentation
8. Reporting to client

Safety Policy

It is the company’s policy that none of its procedures, practices or methods of work will expose human to distress and/or loss. With this policy in mind, all members of management and supervision, of whatever grade are reminded that safety must take priority over cost and construction and they have moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all employees under their control.

All accidents causing loss shall be reported promptly and thorough investigation to be conducted for identifying causes and actions to be initiated to prevent reoccurrence .All employees of other grade have also a moral responsibility to protect themselves and any person who may affected by their actions.

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